Save the Festival!

After 22 years of consecutive concert giving which has featured over 1500 of the world’s finest performing artists, the 2017 Festival has seen life altering cutbacks in expected funding from the Government of Quebec.  We are working in collaboration with the respective Ministers to find a solution.  In the meantime, the support of attendees and friends of the Festival are needed more than ever.    

By signing this petition you declare your belief in and support of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival and its continuance.

The Festival is a jewel in the cultural crown of Montreal and has literally reached tens of millions of people over the years through broadcasts of its concerts across Canada and the United States.  To this day, it presents a unique style of programming featuring world-class mentors and recognized rising stars.

Your support is of paramount importance to our future. 

This contribution is a call to action. Please help!

Your devoted Founder and Artistic Director,

Denis Brott, C.M.

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