Dear Festival friends,

Music remains the ultimate language of human emotion. It transcends all barriers.  Chamber music is, without a doubt, the most intimate of all. Chamber music allows you to experience your feelings in a participatory, conversational and engaging way. Once you have experienced its intimacy, you are forever hooked!

When I created the Montreal Chamber Music Festival in 1995, my mission was simple: to deliver uncompromising excellence in chamber music and make it accessible to all. Now, 25 years later, I can happily say “mission accomplished”.

Since its inception, the Festival has presented more than 300 concerts and featured over 1000 artists from Canada and abroad. With memorable performances, we have reached an audience in excess of 110 000. We have proven, time and time again, that chamber music is not reserved for a select few. By showcasing the different facets this beautiful music has to offer, we have made it accessible to all.

The Festival team and I put our heart and soul into what we do. By attending one of our concerts, you feel that love and appreciation. Each year, each concert, is different. Each one has something that makes it unique and special.

Whether you are a jazz enthusiast, a classical music lover or an adventurous listener seeking a new experience, the Festival is designed for you.

Denis Brott, C.M.
Founder and Artistic Director