À propos du festival

Chamber music is the most intimate of musical art forms. Its collaborative characteristic is one of musical democracy in action. Each person has a specific role to play and contributes to the interpretation and performance such that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

A unique element of the Festival’s mandate is to encourage emerging talent of the highest order putting them onstage side-by-side with some of the finest, experienced artists in the world. This creates a stimulating symbiosis for the audience and performer alike.

The Montreal Chamber Music Festival is unique and compelling. No other Festival can compare!


The mission of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival is threefold:

  • To present unparalleled excellence in classical, jazz and other forms of chamber music.
  • To showcase internationally renowned artists and rising stars from Canada and abroad.
  • To showcase the richness and diversity of Montreal as an international cultural hub.

The MCMF has always favored the promotion of chamber music in all its forms. The use of music as a universal tool for communication and its contribution to overall well-being are of paramount importance to the MCMF.

The MCMF is also committed to making chamber music accessible to the widest possible audience while striving for excellence and innovation in programming. It has always strived to present the greatest international artists and young future stars and, as often as possible, together on the same stage. The MCMF also showcases Montreal’s rich culture and superb heritage and welcomes music lovers from beyond its borders.

The MCMF’s mission includes introducing the public to chamber music by offering free concerts often given by artists at the beginning of their careers. These young performers, who are undoubtedly among the best emerging musicians in Canada, are part of the MCMF’s effort to make original content available to strengthen ties with the community and deepen awareness of its artistic offerings and cultural impact.


The Montreal Chamber Music Festival was founded in 1995 by one of Canada’s greatest artists, cellist and conductor Denis Brott. Since its inception, the MCMF’s mission has been born of a fervent desire to create unique experiences for the public and the artists. Convinced that chamber music is an intimate language that begins where words end, each performer invited to play at our Festival is excellent, committed and passionate. Each is the intermediary through which the message of the music is heard. The artist’s sincerity, humility and commitment are essential to creating the unique bond that makes the concert an unforgettable experience.

The MCMF has been considered a major reference event in the North American musical landscape and one of the most renowned chamber music festivals in the world. Chamber music has an intimate character that captures the emotion emanating from each of the instruments and works presented. These distinct languages are juxtaposed with finesse to give the ensemble its full scope and color. The performers present a vast musical repertoire, in an absolute and spellbinding cohesion. It is the art of collaboration at its best.

As James Ehnes, internationally renowned Canadian violinist and one of the artists who regularly performs at the MCMF, says:

« The Montreal Chamber Music Festival is one of Canada’s cultural gems and has been an important part of my life for over twenty years. Few institutions in Canada have done as much for this art form as well as for the fellowship of chamber musicians from around the world. »


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Denis Brott, C.M. C.Q.
Founder & Artistic Director

Julie Brott
Project Manager

Coordonnatrice des opérations, du développement et des communications

Adèle Stephan

Public Relations and Social Media

Konstant Studio
Graphic Design


Francis Malka

Denis Brott, C.M.
Vice President
Founder & Artistic Director
Professor, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

Georgia Leigh de Villafranca

Marissa Nuss
President, Marissa Nuss & Associates

Marc Roy
Associate, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Michael Boer
President 2002-2018
President Emeritus 2018-2021


Le Festival remercie tous ses fidèles sponsors et partenaires !


Phyllis Lambert Foundation

Alex U. Soyka Foundation

The William and Nancy Turner Foundation

Stephen & Lillian Vineberg Family Foundation

Michael Boyd

Jill de Villafranca & David Kostiuk

Phyllis Dietcher

John Hobday

Yvon Hotte

John D. Hopkins

Nadia Moretto & David Sela

Robin Quinlan

J. Sebastian van Berkom

Francis Malka