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 McGill School of Continuing Studies announces…

Beethoven: Passion Romantique – Course and Concerts Package

Beethoven-Passion Romantique- Course and Concert Package in collaboration with the Montreal Chamber Music Festival
Special Guest Speakers include: Raffi Armenian, Denis Brott and more!

A must for music lovers! Beethoven: passionate, prolific an living in an era of social, political and artistic change. Gain insight into the man, his work and his time- and hear his music with a greater understanding of its expression.

Your host and presenter for this musical voyage, Richard Turp, Artistic Director of the Lachine Music Festival will be joined by distinguished guests to lead you through Beethoven’s life, his music and the time of great change within which he created.

Following the courses,  attend the Montreal Chamber Music Festival’s magnificent complete string quartets performed by the incredible Dover quartet.

This package includes the courses, concerts and a special VIP invitation to post concert receptions with artists present.

The concert tickets are transferable and make for excellent gifts!


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