New job opening!

Title: Administrative Director

Work closely with Artistic Director Denis Brott and the Festival team on all aspects of
the administration and operation of the Festival

• Coordinate and follow up on partnerships with service providers and propose
opportunities for new partnerships;
• actively participate in the writing of government grant applications;
• follow up on communication and appointments;
• assume administrative functions related to the Festival, including the writing and
management of contracts.

• participation in the planning and realization of the annual Festival program;
• ensure the coordination and realization of digital projects, including putting of
content online.

Marketing and Public Relations:
• work closely with the Festival’s marketing and communications team, paying
attention to external communications strategy (media strategy, subscriber and
donor retention, editorial and visual strategy and branding);
• responsible for updating the website, creating and sending bilingual newsletters;
• publishing on social networks and music dissemination platforms;
• improve and ensure the implementation of the communications plan and ensure
the consistency of the organization on all its platforms and in all its variations
(external communications, press relations, public relations, corporate, etc);
• compile and analyze stats;
• improve tactics and recommend innovative approaches to expand the Festival
community and ensure the organization’s visibility;
• responsible for updating and maintaining the Festival’s client database (CRM).

Salary: $47,000
Contact: Denis Brott

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